February 02, 2009

The Good, Bad and Ugly: Super Bowl 43


1. James Harrison's 100 yard interception return. At first I screamed for him to go out and give the offense a chance. Then about the 20, I yelled for him to get in the damn end zone. Edge of my seat.
2. Santonio's catch. Ben heaved it near 3 Cardinals and somehow, Mr. Holmes comes up with that phenomenal catch. I'd still rank it behind Tyree in catches I've witnessed
3. Warner's effort. The old man has to come back to the Cardinals, because he drives there offense better then fratboy Leinart will. 377 yards against the Steelers is just unreal. If it weren't for the two plays mentioned above, Cards would be champs and Warner would have another Big Game MVP on his shelf at home.
4. Good call by the refs on the Kurt Warner fumble near the end of the game. No arm moving forward in a throwing motion.


1. Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes calling the Vince Lombardi trophy the "Dicky Lombardi" trophy. 'Bout as smooth as sandpaper right there.
2. Just plain fuckin stupid move by James Harrison in abusing Aaron Fransisco on a kick. Why do that when you've stopped them? He pretty much punched the man in the face. Hold your emotions for something stupid like that, or your ass will get more than a penalty. He was my MVP choice, until that call.
3. "Running into the holder." I've never, ever heard of that call in my lifetime. And to call it on Adrian Wilson when he is stumbling forward and can't see a fucking thing he's doing? Bad, bad call.
4. Not seeing many new Super Bowl commercials up here in Canada. I saw maybe 2 new ones, one for Doritos, and a car commercial. Bo-gus.


Nothing. Not even the King of Redundancy, the Orchestrator of the Telestrator, John Madden, could ruin this amazing Super Bowl. Well, maybe a little.

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