April 06, 2009

Bottom of the Quarterback Barrell.

Jeff Garcia signed with the evil empire of football today, taking another decent quarterback off of a thin market. Here at Burnt Turducken, we made a list of the top 5 ok quarterbacks left in free agency, and the teams that could use them.

5. Gus Frerotte - First things first, I never knew there was an R before the E. That just looks ridiculous. Anyways, Frerotte is still a capable veteran, as he proved last year leading the Vikings to a 7-3 record as their starting QB. He may not be flashy, but he could probably be a solid backup to teams with a young arm needing mentoring.
Teams of Interest: Minnesota, Chicago, Baltimore.

4. Rex Grossman - Sure, he's got a nickname of "wrecks" to live down, but remember, this man led a Bears team to a Superbowl just 3 seasons ago. He has a solid arm that warranted a first round pick in '03, and could be used as fall-back insurance on some teams.
Teams of Interest: Houston, Buffalo, St. Louis.

3. Charlie Batch - Charlie Batch is a QB that should most definitely be picked in free agency. Being in the league 10 years and a 2 time Superbowl champion, although those rings were given to him as a back-up it still gives him credibility and could really help younger players on the team, can also be used as a spot starter for a struggling team. Not to mention his sick middle name D'Donte.
Teams of Interest: Pittsburgh, Oakland, Atlanta.

2. J.P. Losman - Clearly not the most reliable quarterback, but still has the skill to be a solid second string QB in the NFL. Losman still has the potential to develop into a decent starter in the league, in the mean time he could still be relied on to give you a so-so performance if an injury occurs.
Teams of Interest: New York Jets, Washington, Green Bay.

1.Byron Leftwitch - Yes, he was kicked out of Jacksonville for a more successful QB in Garrard, and the same thing happened involving Matt Ryan and Atlanta, but there's one thing people forget about Leftwitch, and that's that he is an adequate starting Quarterback. There are teams that could be in need of a starter to tide them over, or a backup to ignite a battle, and Byron would be just the guy.
Teams of Interest: Tampa Bay, Detroit, San Fransisco

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