April 05, 2009

A Letter Back To Pat Bowlen

Dear Patty,

I thank you for your letter, but I still have some questions, like why the fuck did we trade Jay? With Cutler, we had a potent offense, and now it will be run by a man some people affectionately call "Neckbreard".Jay could have been the next great Denver QB with a "J" name, like John Elway and Jake Plummer (yeah, that was a reach.) I know the reason we traded him was because he, as you put it, "no longer wanted to play for the Denver Broncos" and was being a little baby about it, and that's fine, you did what you needed to do. But why, in the first place, did McDaniels try and shop him? He could have run that offense to a tee, and instead he wanted one year wonder Matt Cassel? Ridiculous. Also, you did get a nice deal for him, and I commend you for that. Just please, please don't fuck it up. The Broncos have not been the greatest of drafters, picking people like George Foster and Maurice Clarrett. You have this wonderful group of picks, so use them well. If you don't, well, shit may hit the fan.

Sincerely Yours,
Denver Broncos Fan

P.S. Really? A third round pick on Maurice Clarrett?

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