January 19, 2009

The Good, Bad and Ugly: AFC Championship


  1. Willis McGahee and Ryan Clark being ok after that brutal hit. Clean and vicious. That's a playoff hit.

  2. Haloti Ngata. How'd they ever reach the Super Bowl before he got here?

  3. Troy Polamalu's game clinching interception. Flacco tried to tackle him, lucky he didn't end up like T-Jax in the wild card round.
  4. Opening Kick-Off, I saw a Steeler defender take out one of the Ravens gunners with a clothesline. There's an unknown soldier.

"Guys, play nice."


  1. Limas Sweed's open drop. One play made the ending a whole lot more exciting and nerve wracking. Just don't go cry about it like your college QB.

  2. "Joe Cool." Nope, not anymore. 3 sacks, 3/14 in the first half, 3 picks (including one that iced it). Not how you play in the playoffs son. Good job with the trifectas, though.

  3. Running games of both teams. Parker 24-47, McGahee 20-60-1 time annihilated.

  4. 2 tackles from Ed Reed. Not enough impact on one of the most important games of his career.


  1. CBS Pre-game show. True or False segment. Question was "The Pittsburgh Steelers will win tonight's game and play in Superbowl 43" Boomer Esaison and Shannon Sharpe pick "False", and begin to yell about how they wanted true. Basic literacy here, people.

  2. Raven's O-line. The major factor for the awesome offensive spectacle put up by Baltimore. Consistently dominated up front by the Steelers and didn't give Flacco enough time. The holes they made this game were so small, Sproles couldn't fit through them.

  3. The game in general. So many short drives and possession changes. My mind was drifting in and out. It was ridiculously long.

  4. My Superbowl prediction. I had Baltimore-New York, but now that's all gone to shit. Ah well. Why did I ever doubt Polamalu. Fuck.

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